The workshop will be conducted by Tomasz Kozikowski - inventor of over 20 solutions in six fields, entrepreneur operating in several countries, former CEO of a listed company, promoter of new technologies and franchise networks. He has a particular passion for translating the language of technology into the language of business.

For years he has been involved not only in the creation and implementation of inventions, but above all in the analysis of the processes behind their creation and implementation, and finally transferring this knowledge and practical skills to pupils, students, organizations and entrepreneurs.

The workshop will be focused on how to cope with the current crisis, by gaining practical skills or working out solutions, allowing to run ahead, stay ahead of competition, diversify or other actions that will allow to be creative especially in the face of still growing crisis.

An important element and subject of the workshop is also the ability to direct activities before the onset of problems and how to deal with it in an ever-changing situation.

The fruit of these activities is the book: Stupid ideas or creativity? - From clue to

profit - which forms the basis for workshops and discussions. This publication describes the whole process related to creativity, starting with the right approach to it, through numerous ways of generating new ideas, bypassing obstacles standing in the way of creativity, up to patent strategies, implementing profit making.

June 23, 2022

Venture Café Warsaw Foundation Partners