🇺🇸 WORKSHOP: Nobins - Save Food to Feed

In-person session

February 24, 2022 | 18:30 - 19:30
Room: Garage, District Hall, Chmielna 73

With over 88 million tons (173 kg per person) of food wasted per year, lack of awareness towards "Food Waste" has brought a terrifying level of leniency by the general public in showing accountability towards managing domestic food purchase & maintaining the appropriate level of consumption thereon. Hazardous repercussions can be seen giving rise to problems leading to a global fatal food scarcity like situation and depravity in the overall food distribution system across the globe. When it comes to understanding the level of poverty that the world population is facing today, food waste is just another critical issue as fatal as the climate crisis faced by the world on an enormous scale.

Taskeylens is looking for partners to work on a project called NOBINS, a project that is focused to resolve issues pertaining to SDG #2 and #12. On our upcoming event on Thursday Gathering we are inviting industry experts in the food waste domains, stakeholders, NGOs, agri-tech solution providers, environmentalists and others who can bring valuable insights on Zero Food Waste and Recycling Measures.

NOBINS Objectives:

Taskeylens is looking forward to solving two important problems with the help of NOBINS application

  • Generate Awareness on Food Waste and its unprecedented after-effects that the world should know, before it’s too late.
  • To minimize food waste at consumption level and optimize the redistribution of food between wholesalers, retailers and final purchasers. We want to connect the distributors of food from the food supply chain cycle (wholesalers & retailers) with the NGOs who've played a formidable role in making sure that, if food isn't getting consumed then it shouldn't get wasted either.

Join us in our mission to stop food waste and help in saving food for those who need it. If your areas of interest are close to resolving issues based on building a healthy environment and working on social causes like Zero Hunger and Zero Food Wastes, then do get in touch with me on +48 22 657 0220 / +48 573 978 711 or email me at emmanuelj@taskeylens.eu

For more information log on to www.taskeylens.eu/nobins.html or find us on FB https://www.facebook.com/Nobins-10663544152486

Watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BEmV0gUTCdQ

Looking forward to your participation and having a great conversation.

Guest Speakers:

  • Emmanuel Joseph - Founder and CEO Taskeylens Warsaw & V4SDG Lab Partner
  • Bartosz Szczytowski - Founder & Vice President of Tsunami Recycling
  • Caleigh Furlong - Member of the Management Board at Smile Warsaw
  • Piotr Podworski - Founder of Smile Warsaw – NGO in Warsaw for Homeless, Member of the Management Board at Smile Warsaw
  • Thomas J. Merritt - Representative from American School of Warsaw at Smile Warsaw
February 24, 2022

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