More about speech:

– what to do if you lose all income sources overnight

– how to make people know and trust you

– why should you care about Linkedin

– content is a king – become a kingmaker

– what is consistency and why it matters

About me:

My name is Yuri, I have been building communities in Ukraine for 7 years. My children are the most significant communities in Ukraine for sales, marketing, SEO, and paid advertisement experts – SalesHero, SEO Club UA, CPC Real Talk, and Marketing Club UA.

Because I had nowhere to get knowledge in Ukraine except for my own experience, I joined the fantastic international CMX community and the Community Club. There I learned from the best world professionals (and keep learning) and got to the point where I can bring value to the community professionals worldwide on equal terms.

Since the 25th of February, without any international experience, I’ve become a Community Consultant and even was a speaker at the largest international conference for community professionals – CMX Thrive 2022.

Community is where people take other peoples’ problems as their own, and I use this knowledge by applying my expertise in real life to build communities of experts worldwide, share my knowledge with colleagues, and help people connect with each other to build meaningful professional networks.

Have any questions or just want to have a good conversation? I would love to connect with you on Linkedin, so just send me a connection request with the message “Greetings from the CIC!” here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/yurii-lazaruk/

January 26, 2023

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