This session has been designed for the firstimers at our events who want to learn about our space and activities, but also for our regular audience who wish to dig in more.


Venture Café Warsaw Foundation operates in a global structure (including Boston, Rotterdam, Miami, Tokyo, Sydney) creating, among other things, a network of innovation districts, supporting innovation tourism and connecting innovation communities through local and global programs. Our mission is “Connecting Innovators To Make Things Happen,” and the goal is to integrate leaders and visionaries of radically different fields.


Thursday Gathering, organized by Venture Café, is the central networking event for the local community of innovators, all “curious doers.” We have been organizing these events around the world since 2009 in units of Cambridge Innovation Center and Venture Cafe attracting several hundred people every Thursday (in Warsaw until May 2020 every month, then weekly). We bring together entrepreneurs, startups, corporations, investors, experts, researchers, students and NGOs in one place. A great added value is modern networking (formats that enable lively discussion and mutual learning) and connecting talent, ideas and capital in one place.

July 6, 2023

Venture Café Warsaw Foundation Partners