Quite often our ambitious business ideas seem to us ingenious and inspiring at the moment when they come to our mind, at the stage of implementation they break into reality and begin to seem unreal to us.

I would like to share with you how you can easily and joyfully bypass any obstacles and get incredible results via using your emotional intelligence.

On 3 case studies I will show you and explain how it helped:

• a scientist to built a startup, find a team and get €150k within just 1 month, despite in the start she had nothing but an scientifically backed idea;

• an ukrainian startup founder to get fundings for his project as well as a big B2B corporate client despite the war and the fact that his product was MVP stage;

• a business lady to launch 2 innovative schools in a new country without her own funding. Within just 1 week she unexpectedly got a proposal from 2 investors, got fundings of $84k while preserving 51% shares.

Life can be much easier and surprising when you are in good contact with yourself, so let’s discuss how to do that on my workshop.

August 3, 2023

Venture Café Warsaw Foundation Partners