In this talk I will present an alternative perspective on the economy. To fight civilizational debt, restore meaning and contribute to sustainability of the world effectively, an even deeper transformation is necessary.

The new frame, also published as a book Good Companies (2023), offers the interconnectedness of all the levels of companies’ logic: behaviours, mental model, and societal meaning, so that we are equipped to grow up to our humanity’s potential and pursue a sustainable future.

Economy pursuits growth. If a comany does not run fast, it stays behind. At the same time, we live in The Great Anxiety and The Great Disconnectedness era. Civilizational debt calls to be paid off. Yet, CEOs remain dichotomous on pursuit for profit and ROIC for shareholders. My challenge is simple: Where does it lead us if we continue doing more of the same, just more efficiently?

Current behaviors of companies are rooted in the outdated mental model of the economy. The mental model of the economy is derived from the outdated social meaning of business. And lastly, the social meaning of business is not rooted in any humankind’s purpose. We do not pursue any. How can we replace this unsatisfactory frame?

July 27, 2023

Venture Café Warsaw Foundation Partners