A musicians body is an extension of his instrument, it has to remain in healthy balance and fine tuning in order to play. That balance requires a lot of “body management”, largely done by the musician himself. Genres like hard rock and heavy metal require fast, precise playing causing micro injuries and wear & tear over time, so does classical music. Often times lack of rest, sleep and regeneration lead to over-compensation, where one head-bang too many or a prolonged recording session lead to pain, as well as avoiding pain by over using a different body part. Mechanical and repetitive stress onto joints, muscles but especially the nerve system overloaded with ways to cheat the pain, cause habbits, and those lead to injury. And that to a vicious cycle of pause from playing, practicing and rocking the stage often leading to misdiagnosis as tendonitis, idiopathic pain,

To avoid nerve system ‘errors’ leading to chronic pain or injury it’s important to understand the basic functional connections in the body, that each pick or finger player can apply on his own body, quickly and efficiently taking a big active part in ‘body management’ hands-on to that. The workshop will consist of theory and small exercises, simple tests and try-outs to determine the cause of problem, helping auto-diagnose where compensation begins and when it ends on a wrong note.

July 27, 2023

Venture Café Warsaw Foundation Partners