The considerations of running a business in today’s landscape is arguably more challenging than ever before.

Increases in social scrutiny, rising regulations, changing workforce needs, a never-ending pandemic and now war can become crippling for entrepreneurs and leaders who started businesses with only profit in mind, or have failed to adapt.

Customers and investors across age groups and social strata are more socially and environmentally aware, and rightfully becoming more demanding.

In fact, a recent survey by Leading with Empathy found that 7/10 of consumers are willing and able to pay more for goods & services, for brands that are perceived to be empathetic and values-driven.

And on the regulatory side,  small to large governmental bodies such as the EU, US SEC and ASEAN are ramping requirements and policy related to climate, inclusion and other sustainability issues. This is soon becoming an issue of when it will happen, and not if it will happen.

Besides from customer and regulatory demands, a purpose beyond-profit keeps businesses strong at their core both inside and out, through improved business hygiene and added value for their communities. Hence investor pressure for less profit-only businesses and more socially profitable businesses.

This is why many of the world’s top performing firms are transitioning into social businesses (or at least taking steps to be perceived so).

This 1 hour workshop with Mr. G (Galeno Chua), the Founding Principal of The Idea provides a fresh perspective to ESG with two tools that will help turn your profit-only business into an organization that functions beyond profit.

July 21, 2022

Venture Café Warsaw Foundation Partners