The pre-pandemic world doesn’t exist anymore. We’re entering the quantum age that demands a paradigm shift in business leadership. Are You ready? Malvina Messler is a speaker, coach, best-selling author, and Quantum Success Coach residing in Denver, Colorado. As a co-founder of an American franchise brand, Payroll Vault, she helped dozens of entrepreneurs build their American dream. In her extensive career as a business coach she noticed that there was no amount of business strategy that could compensate for gaps in the mindset.

Today, Malvina helps entrepreneurs reach new levels of expansion and growth and scale their revenue and their impact by using neuroscience-backed strategies and leveraging three types of intelligence: IQ, EQ, and SQ.

With her business background and mindset expertise, Malvina empowers entrepreneurs to unleash their inner CEO energy and design their careers on their own terms while leaving the rat race behind.

She has done just that by redesigning her life to be bi-continental! In the winter months, Malvina loves to ice-climb in Colorado, but come spring, she’s living it up in Paris, hosting her signature retreat for high-achieving women.

June 1, 2023

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