🇺🇸 PANEL: AI impact on creative industries

In-person session

May 16, 2024 | 18:00 - 19:30
Room: Hall 2, District Hall, Chmielna 73

Global series of events AI CREATE will visit Warsaw in May


Since launching in May 2023, the series has visited 7 cities across 5 continents. Each event highlighted the AI impact on a specific industry. These were publishing in Madrid, advertising in Singapore, architecture in Melbourne, film creation in Buenos Aires, fine art in Shenzhen, fas


The anniversary event will take place in Warsaw on 16th May, Thursday, at CIC Warsaw. It is meant for all creative professionals, especially from advertising, art, photography, film, or music, who want to understand the current state of AI and how it’s going to influence their careers. The organizers want to showcase both sides of the discussion and help attendees form their own opinions.


To facilitate this, a panel discussion will be held with prominent AI experts presenting multiple perspectives:


– Inez Okulska, PhD, is an AI researcher, AI engineer and linguistics expert, involved in projects spanning natural language processing, cybersecurity, and ethical AI.

– Ivona Tautkute, PhD, is an artist, researcher, and AI engineer specializing in computer vision and machine learning, currently working as a Tech Lead at Tooploox.

– Wiktoria Wójcik, co-founder of inStreamly and Streamcoi, is an award-winning marketing and advertising expert focusing on gaming and Generation Z.

– Paula Skrzypecka, PhD, is a lawyer specializing in technology and AI law, providing legal services and guidance on new technologies and e-commerce.


The panel will be moderated by Luis Moreno Ortí, Co-Founder of AI CREATE.


The event is organized by AI CREATE together with local partners: adaily, a Polish AI startup for marketing, and CampusAI, an educational and collaborative platform for AI.

May 16, 2024

Venture Café Warsaw Foundation Partners