As a founder, valuations, and funding are probably on your mind right now. If you are a direct-to-consumer startup or you’re operating in a “winner-takes-all” market there’s never been a better time to invest in advertising. Some of the most iconic brands (Netflix, Airbnb, Apple) started during times of economic downturn.


Luckily, there’s one type of funding that allows you to preserve cash whilst increasing your brand exposure and revenue. Over 1000+ startups including Pinterest, Glovo, AboutYou, and Zalando have raised media for growth funding. They traded a small equity stake for mass brand awareness, data on audiences, and professional experience from media companies.


Curious to learn more about media for growth funding and how it could add value to your startup?


Diana Florescu, CEO, and Founder at mediaforgrowth, a global network of media funds and media experts will be joining us next Thursday, September 8 at Venture Cafe hosting founders’ office hours from 5.30 to 7.30 pm CEST. 


Reserve your slot (15 min) – https://resources.mediaforgrowth.co/meetings/dflorescu


To make the most of your time, please take 2 minutes to submit more information about your business – https://www.mediaforgrowth.co/contact#startup



About mediaforgrowth

mediatorgrowth is the first global network to align the interests of start-ups, investors, and experienced media professionals. First, they partner with later-stage founders to grow revenue and scale internationally using media for growth investments. Secondly, they connect emerging and established media for growth funds with investors around the world to optimize the startup investment process. mediaforgrowth members include some of the world’s largest media groups such as The Times Group, 30+ media for growth funds, individual investors, early-stage VCs, equity investment platforms, and family offices. For more information please visit www.mediaforgrowth.co.

September 8, 2022

Venture Café Warsaw Foundation Partners