MasterClass is a new Session format during Thursday Gathering happening regularly, once a month, in a specific field or skill, conducted by an expert or master in that particular domain. These classes are designed to provide learners with insights, knowledge, and practical advice from someone who has achieved a high level of proficiency or success in their respective field.


Introduction to the Startup Ecosystem

MARCH 7 Week 1: Understanding the Startup Ecosystem

Definition and components of a startup ecosystem

Role of entrepreneurs, investors, mentors, and other stakeholders

Importance of collaboration and networking

MARCH 28 Week 2: Building a Strong Startup Ecosystem

Identifying and addressing gaps in the local startup ecosystem

Developing policies and programs to support startups

Creating a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship

Funding and Investment

APRIL 11 Week 3: Sources of Funding for Startups

Bootstrapping, angel investors, venture capital, and crowdfunding

Pitching to investors and securing funding

Managing and utilizing financial resources effectively

APRIL 25 Week 4: Investment Readiness

Preparing a business plan and financial projections

Understanding valuation and term sheets

Negotiating and closing investment deals


Marketing and Sales

MAY 9 Week 5: Developing a Marketing Strategy

Identifying target customers and understanding their needs

Creating a unique value proposition and positioning

Developing a comprehensive marketing plan

MAY 23 Week 6: Sales and Distribution

Building a sales team and developing sales strategies

Establishing distribution channels and managing customer relationships

Measuring and tracking sales performance

Growth and Expansion

JUNE 6 Week 7: Scaling Up and Growth Strategies

Identifying opportunities for growth and expansion

Developing a growth plan and implementing it effectively

Managing the challenges of rapid growth

JUNE 20 Week 8: Internationalization and Global Expansion

Understanding the global startup landscape

Identifying potential international markets

Developing a strategy for international expansion

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