Google, Spotify, Twitter, Airbnb and LinkedIn – great organizations which strive for the highest business efficiency and operational excellence. What they have in common is their approach to goal setting: Objectives and Key Results. OKR is a lightweight, fast-cadence model that increases engagement and alignment.

During this meeting I will help you learn the OKR’s core concepts and understand how to successfully adopt this methodology in your organization.

Objective for this meeting

Make participants aware of what OKRs are and how these can help increase effectiveness, engagement and alignment in their organization. Key Results for this meeting. After the keynote participants will:

1. Understand how to write aspirational objectives in order to improve and grow what they do.

2. Know how to write measurable key results focused on value and outcomes and not efforts and inputs.

3. Be able to name key benefits from using OKR methodology.

4. Know how to increase a chance of successful OKR implementation in your company.

5. Will be ready to attend the OKR design workshop.

For whom:

● leaders, directors, managers, team leaders interested in setting valuable goals in their organizations

● startup or SME owners interested in improving their management skills

● everyone interested in introducing the OKR methodology in their organization.


1. What OKRs are and how they can help you achieve more in your work?

2. How to set good objectives and key results?

3. How to implement OKRs in your company?

September 2, 2021

Venture Café Warsaw Foundation Partners