Warsaw we are coming back! After the spectacular opening by Lavinia D. Osbourne, Aga Marecka, and Paulina Paprzycka, now WIBT is back in Warsaw for the second round! 

Aga Marecka, WiBT’s incredible host in Poland, will be chatting with wonderful ladies Klaudia Archimowicz and Larissa Andrade for WiBT Women in Blockchain Talks with the main theme "Across Cultures and Generations"!

💬 About our speakers

 Larissa Andrade is an expert in Web3 Marketing & PR from South America. She is an open and dedicated woman which just goes for it, no matter the circumstances, and has as her mission to help others too! She found her way to live in #Poland through #web3 and I hope she will tell us more about the #multicultural opportunities and challenges in this space, meanwhile representing also the young generation and this perspective!

Klaudia Archimowicz is a Head of Operations and Digital Lead, she mentors and works with GenZ and that’s why we believe she will bring great insights to our chat!

💬 Panel discussion

So as you can see, together we are going to cover all interesting topics related to #diversity and #inclusion which are our common mission at WiBT Women in Blockchain Talks with Lavinia D. Osbourne!

💡 How to create, add and multiply value in diverse #teams?

There are many opportunities and challenges but all is a matter of our own perspective and attitude we bring in!

Let's connect with other open-minded people and inspire everyone to build a space we all feel welcome and appreciated for the value we create!

Everyone is welcome to join and share! 

November 3, 2022

Venture Café Warsaw Foundation Partners