Marketing has never been more exciting, overwhelming, and vast than it is today. The global pandemic has accelerated the need for marketing professionals to adapt quickly and think on their feet as they deal with ever-changing consumer habits.

How do you learn, discover, and grow while concentrating on your day-to-day responsibilities?

In this fireside chat with Grai Venture's CMO, Diana Florescu, we will discuss how brands can leverage the power of habits to create meaningful connections with their customers and key trends defining marketing in 2022.

- The changing face of marketing

- How consumer habits have changed during the pandemic - an opportunity for marketers to drive new business

- Example of brands leveraging the power of habits to enhance brand equity

- 2022 Marketing Trends and how to stay on top industry changes

Whether you're an experienced marketing practitioner looking to leave your mark, an executive marketer mapping out the path for your team, or a new professional or student looking to find your way, this event is for you!

Guest: Diana Florescu, CMO, Grai Venture's 

Moderation: Ahmad Piraiee

January 20, 2022

Venture Café Warsaw Foundation Partners