What is needed to run a business?

Money, networks, knowledge, skills? Those are necessary. Furthermore, I would also like to raise the importance of ‘Decent information’. But getting accurate information is not easy, especially for foreigners. That’s one of the things I’m really struggling with here.

We’ll host sessions to invite specialists to introduce the basic information we need to know when doing business in Poland, especially for expats.

On 20th Oct, we’ll invite Andrii Romanchuk from the EUCON legal group. He is knowledgeable about the Ukrainian and Polish business environment. He’ll talk about basic info of corporate income tax and personal income tax when doing business in Poland, ‘Financial instruments for startups: venture ecosystem in Poland’, etc. The topic is serious, but the session will have friendly atmosphere.

Speaker: Andrii Romanchuk (EUCON grupa prawnicza)

Moderator: Mihoe Sano Journalist/PR planner. Building a bridging business between Poland and Japan (start-up support, import/export support, etc.).

October 20, 2022

Venture Café Warsaw Foundation Partners