Listny Cud – Ubran vertical farms. Microgreens and herbs. Locally grown, without pesticides and artificial fertillizers. Delicious, distinct in flavour, fresh and healthy.

Anmo.by – A unique universal digital platform that allows you to continuously monitor and analyze the collected data, control, record and distribute all energy resources, manage the energy saving process.

Pikralida is a biopharmaceutical start-up developing medicinal products to address unmet medical needs while providing the highest efficacy and safety in pharmacotherapy.

Our currently implemented projects include therapeutic solutions based on innovative small-molecule substances, innovative formulations of combination preparations/drugs, and modern drug delivery systems. The needs of patients suffering from civilisation and neurological diseases and those from the geriatric population are the primary focus in our work.

Herbi Shots is a research and development company. As part of RnD, the company properly selects and tests blends of herbal extracts. The final result is 2 groups of products: (a) Herbi Shots (shots in 100 ml bottles aimed at the young-active) and (b) Gamer Shots (carbonated shots in 250 ml cans aimed at gamers). The blends of the tested extracts contain active ingredients that realistically help certain conditions, which has been scientifically proven.

Ti-com was born out of the need to provide the scientific world and the pharmaceutical industry with breakthrough solutions for testing a broad spectrum of active substances. Many years of experience in imaging drug delivery sets Ti-com apart from its competitors. This feature is particularly useful for treating brain diseases, which are much more resistant to therapies than other organs. The innovation of the method used by Ti-com is to verify very quickly whether a substance – a potential new drug – can be effective in treating brain diseases.

September 29, 2022

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