Pizza delivered in just 20 minutes. Our signature dough is truly special, with its fluffy centre and crispy crust. We’re passionate about keeping the offices and homeworkers of Leamington Spa fed, with a lighter, healthier pizza! Dodo Pizza is a digital-first pizza delivery chain and one of the world’s fastest-growing QSR brands. We are active in 15 countries in Europe, Asia and Africa and have more than 780 stores worldwide (and counting!). Here, we experimented with a new style of dough to offer something different in an otherwise saturated market. Our pizza dough is truly special, and definitely different. We use 50% more water than traditional doughs, so our pizzas are lighter and less greasy than normal. Each base is then hand-stretched and twice-baked to give it its signature crispy crust. Topped with unique ingredients and delivered in just 20 minutes – it’s certainly worth trying. We’ve had great success delivering to the office workers of Leamington, and can set up very special partnerships to suit all types of businesses. If you’re looking for catering for an event, a pay day treat, or simply a personalised promo code so that your homeworkers can join in the fun too, then Dodo can provide it. Keep tuned for new stores, opportunities, and much more!

July 27, 2023

Venture Café Warsaw Foundation Partners