Join us for a fascinating lecture that will take you into the world of language and its role in our daily perception of reality. Is it language that shapes our thoughts and beliefs, or is it reality that influences language? Discover the mysteries surrounding psycholinguistics and learn how language affects our perception and how we can use linguistics to improve our communication.

Throughout 45 explorations of the topic, you’ll discover fascinating evidence of how language influences our thinking and decision-making. With examples from scientific research, you’ll dive deeper into the relationship between language and cognition. You’ll also learn how linguistics can help improve our communication skills so that we become more effective leaders.

Whether you’re already an advanced language user or just starting, this lecture is for you. Get ready for an inspiring journey into the inner workings of language that will help you better understand its power and use it as a tool in your daily life.

Join our lecture and discover how language can change your view of the world. Register now and get ready for an extraordinary journey into the depths of our selves with Michal Rutkowski, founder of Linguistics of Leadership.

July 13, 2023

Venture Café Warsaw Foundation Partners