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Trend House (TH) will be an ecosystem clubhouse designed for innovation community leaders. The mission behind TH is to connect industry leaders, academic powerhouses, and high-potential corporate and startup employees to catalyze collaboration and innovation. Membership is be based on performance and value add, not financial exclusivity. We will have a membership built from the strongest talent in Warsaw and the world. TH will be a unique and space, modeled after a living room in a shared apartment, where members can develop meaningful relationships over a meal, coffee, or drinks from our in-house restaurant. The intimate setting is engineered to build an innovation family, where each member is more than just a data point. In addition to lounge spaces, our members will have access to a library of resources, including a research room and private databases to guide their next breakthrough. Trend House programming is shaped by its members and facilitated by Venture Cafe Foundation Warsaw, a non-profit organization associated with the global network of the Venture Cafes.