VENTURE CAFÉ Thursday Gathering #1
“What Connects Us” (kickoff event)

30th of May 2019
5.00 – 8.00 pm

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Thursday Gathering serves as a physical nexus for helping innovators find one another and collaborate. Participation is free and open to all members of the innovation community who have ideas, talent, resources and passion to contribute and want to engage in a full slate of high-impact programming and informal conversation. Between May 2019 and April 2020, on each last Thursday of the month, hundreds of amazing innovators and curious doers from Warsaw’s community will gather to enjoy, connect, engage and learn from each other. Learn more about the idea of Thursday Gathering.


Time to introduce Venture Cafe to Poland, say “hi” and mingle together. After all, we are all here for the same reason – which is innovation. Therefore we’ve set up the theme for the first event:


The Thursday Gathering is providing the framework upon which numerous experimental “applications” can be nurtured and launched. Especially in this digital world, it’s important to have a physical space to provide a common meeting ground for semi-serendipitous encounters that foster brainstorming and drive creativity. Meeting in person establishes the trust that’s so crucial to working together, particularly on risky or bootstrapped projects.


We prepared more than 15+ interesting elements on the agenda to enjoy, connect, engage and learn from each other. Learn more about the formula:

+ free beer, wine, and soft drinks
The main point of each gathering is facilitated modern networking with Venture Cafe’s Ambassadors & networkers
Future Trends Roundtable The interactive debate about trends of the future. The topic for May 30th is “New Work“. Participants:

The discussion will be live-streamed (check Venture Cafe social media) and summarized in a form of graphic recording.

Future Trends Roundtable: Open Workshop (creative session) and Futuro Cards on “New Work

Almost every week we can learn more about a new technology or a prototype that will change our world and reshape the future.

Future Cards by Radicalzz is deck of cards that helps you discover future-making trends and technologies that are changing the way we live.

Your task is to explore diverse combinations and make unforeseen connections.

Info Tables Impactful organizations presenting ideas, concepts, news:

Demo Tables Impactful companies presenting products, solutions, technology:

  • SatRevolution – Polish satellites, complete nanosatellite systems, and solutions
  • Syntoil – efficient and sustainable solution for a better world and better future (Syntoil is driving a circular economy for the rubber industry)
  • On.Live – platform that provides access to valuable knowledge. A marketplace where experts can give real-time answers to your questions via live video
  • CadXpert – 3D-printing corner
Office Hours Venture Cafe’s Partners and Friends having fixed time slots booked for meetings with the community:

Art Factor Art & cultural ingredients plugged into the formula of the event:

K-DRON’s tribute to Leonardo Da Vinci

Janusz Kapusta, Ph.D. – Polish inventor and designer who discovered a new shape, “patented infinity” and will open a 22-meters-long installation as a tribute to Leonardo Da Vinci.

Kapusta is an artist interested in Mathematics and Philosophy. His work ranges from small graphic forms, posters, magazine illustrations, graphic design and book illustrations, to set designs and painting. From 1981, he lives in New York. Kapusta is the author of four books. In 2017, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki choose K-DRON for the logo of innovative Poland.

Astrography Exhibition

“Seeing stars: Cosmos-inspired fine arts” by Adam Jesionkiewicz. specializes in artistic products inspired by the magic and beauty of the cosmos.

VIP Guests Top experts and well-recognized innovation and industry leaders as speakers and guests
Venture Cafe TV Venture Cafe Studio and TV (foto & video recording of the event, interviews and more)


Thursday Gathering strategic partners for 2019/2020:
HubHub isn’t just any office space, it’s where Europe’s hottest talent come to scale their businesses up to the next level. Learn more at
Cambridge Innovation Center’s (CIC) mission is to create innovation communities that support impactful entrepreneurs to “fix the world’. Learn more at

(it will save you time during the event)

The gathering is free and open to all members of the innovation community. Check what you need to know about the logistics:

  1. We ask that attendees conduct themselves in accordance with our Community Credo. Please read it before the event
  2. Here is the link to the pre-registration. It will take only 3 minutes, but it will save you at the reception. If you will fill it now you will be able to use a fast track line to receive your sticker.
  3. Below is the address of the venue. If you need more comprehensive information on how to get by other means of transport, please check the contact page.

The event is happening at

HubHub Nowogrodzka
Jerozolimskie 93

Find your way to us.


30th of May 2019
5.00 – 8.00 pm

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