Venture Café Thursday Gathering #10 – New Food Movements

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Our mission is connecting innovators to make things happen! Innovations are not created in isolation and their implementation requires social trust. Face-to-face interaction is the key to opening Warsaw's potential and to connecting forces of over 750+ organizations dealing with the innovation sector in Warsaw.

The Thursday Gathering is the platform for innovators - a central innovation community event in Warsaw organized with passion by Venture Cafe Foundation and the community. Participation is free and open to all members of the innovation community who have ideas, talent, resources and passion to engage and contribute.

Between May 2019 and April 2020, on each last Thursday of the month, hundreds of amazing innovators and curious doers from Warsaw’s community will gather to enjoy, connect, engage and learn from each other.
From May 2020, we are starting a weekly program and we will be meeting at District Hall Warsaw.

Thursday Gathering is a global movement. Learn more about the Thursday Gathering program and our organization.

Thursday Gathering program partners in Warsaw


5:00 - 8:00 pm


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(by May 2020 we are meeting on the last Thursday of each month, then we are starting a weekly program)

For every gathering, we are preparing more than 15 interesting elements on the agenda to enjoy, connect, engage and learn from each other.

(5:00 - 8:00 pm)
the main point of each gathering is facilitated modern networking supported by Venture Cafe's Ambassadors. (+ free beer, wine, and soft drinks)

The main topic of conversations is New Food Movements


(5:15 - 6:45 pm)
an interactive debate about trends of the future with 4-6 top experts with an active participation of the audience.


interviews with VIP guests open for participation.

  • Iga Czubak, Qurczak (5.30 - 6.00 pm), language: Polish

Iga Czubak, a graduate of neurocognitive science, an avid traveler, a devotee of plant-based cooking. Founder of Roślinny Qurczak, a start-up producing a delicious alternative to poultry meat. Its mission is to popularize the plant diet and meat alternatives for the sake of our health and our planet.

Entrepreneur, engaged in a global e-store for CD PROJEKT SA, previously the head of the Digital department in Connectis, the head of eCommerce at Gino Rossi, Matras, as well as the co-founder and CEO of Fun in Design. After work, she helps entrepreneurs at different organizations.

(5:00 - 8:00 pm)
companies presenting products, solutions, technologies.


with experienced entrepreneurs, investors, and service professionals. Individuals may book a 30-minute, one-on-one session with one or more of our experts.

  • IT Career Office Hours with Geek Girls Carrots (5.00-6.00 pm). Let's debunk myths about a career in IT. Would you like to change your career path? Have you been thinking about going into IT? Meet with Geek Girls Carrots and learn what mistakes to avoid. 2 slots available - please book here
  • Law in the food industry with Daniel Szostek(5.00-6.00 pm). 2 slots available - please book here
  • Cooperation with startups with Huge Thing (5.00-7.00 pm). For whom are those office hours? For companies that want to start cooperation with startups, but do not know how to go about it. For companies that already cooperate with startups, but they feel that this cooperation is not quite right. For all those who are interested in today’s dynamics of cooperation between corporations and startups. 4 slots available - please book here
  • PR Office Hours by Anita Kijanka (6.00-7.00 pm). Communication is key to educate about your project or initiative. If you have a company and think about its PR Anita will give you easy to implement and effective tips on how to do it faster, better and in more creative war. 2 slots available - please book here
  • Market Opportunities Office Hours by MOST (6.00-7.00 pm). Alert is a catalyst for opportunities and growth options available for technology companies. Let’s meet for a 20-minute conversation to find opportunities for your business. Goal: to identify the best market opportunities. 2 slots available - please book here
  • Business Office Hours by Jolanta Piątkowska, Growth Advisors (7.00-8.00 pm). In order to harness the transformative potential of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, business leaders need to formulate a comprehensive human capital strategy ready to meet the challenges of this new era of accelerating change and innovation. Are you ready to create a work environment filled with energy, creativity, and diversity? Let's meet and share some thoughts. 2 slots available - please book here
  • How to start your business in foodtech with Piotr Grabowski (7.00-8.00 pm). 2 slots available - please book here


a program designed to introduce to key topics for local innovation community or principles to help build, launch, and scale successful businesses.

  • Turning food waste into gold by Katarzyna Geiger&Tomasz Szuba, (6.00-7.00 pm), language: English

Globally, if food waste was a country, it would be the third-largest polluting country in the world. That is one of the key reasons why we want to focus on the subject, discussing how harmful food waste is to the environment, socio-ethical bonds, and finances in gastronomy, food industry, and households. As modern alchemists, Tomek and Kasia show you how with help of analysis, data, experience, and technology you can turn waste into gold...

  • Can vertical farming save agriculture and feed the world? by Michał Jasiorowski, (7.00-8.00 pm), language: Polish

Vertical farming approach to grow food is getting popular thanks to startups that are willing to take the risk of being first on the market. With VF you can grow food indoors close to consumers regardless of climate and weather conditions. Newest vertical farms are adopting robots, machine learning and controlled climate to grow food. Is this approach a silver bullet? Let's find out!

  • Series of meetings: Opportunity Alert powered by MOST Foundation (7.30-8.00 pm), language: Polish

Topic: Money for research and development. Meet with Jan Kaczmarek, CEO MOST Foundation

* TBA = To be announced (7 days before the event on the website)

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The event is happening at

HubHub Nowogrodzka
Jerozolimskie 93

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