Venture Café Thursday Gathering #9 – NEW HEALTH – How we are hacking our lives

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Our mission is connecting innovators to make things happen! Innovations are not created in isolation and their implementation requires social trust. Face-to-face interaction is the key to opening Warsaw's potential and to connecting forces of over 750+ organizations dealing with the innovation sector in Warsaw.

The Thursday Gathering is the platform for innovators - a central innovation community event in Warsaw organized with passion by Venture Cafe Foundation and the community. Participation is free and open to all members of the innovation community who have ideas, talent, resources and passion to engage and contribute.

Between May 2019 and April 2020, on each last Thursday of the month, hundreds of amazing innovators and curious doers from Warsaw’s community will gather to enjoy, connect, engage and learn from each other.
From May 2020, we are starting a weekly program and we will be meeting at District Hall Warsaw.

Thursday Gathering is a global movement. Learn more about the Thursday Gathering program and our organization.

Thursday Gathering program partners in Warsaw


5:00 - 8:00 pm


Save the date for future events!
Look for more information on the calendar on our website or Facebook profile.
(by May 2020 we are meeting on the last Thursday of each month, then we are starting a weekly program)

For every gathering, we are preparing more than 30 interesting elements on the agenda to enjoy, connect, engage and learn from each other.

(5:00 - 8:00 pm)
the main point of each gathering is facilitated modern networking supported by Venture Cafe's Ambassadors. (+ free beer, wine, and soft drinks)

The main topic of conversations is: Hacking Our Lives

(5:15 - 6:45 pm)
an interactive debate about trends of the future with 4-6 top experts with an active participation of the audience.

  • Topic:
    • New Health

language: Polish


interviews with VIP guests open for participation.

  • Women Meetup! Special guest: Ola Lazar (5.00 - 6.00 pm), language: English

Ola Lazar, serial founder, food writer mentor. Founded the most popular Polish restaurant guide - (sold to Zomato). Currently is developing a foodtech platform - FoodForward with the aim of both accelerating innovation and promoting sustainability in the food sector. Leadership Academy for Poland alumna. Traditional Chinese Medicine student and an avid home cook.

  • Tomasz Habdas (6.00-6.30 pm) How to still love your passion, when it became your job? language: Polish

Come and get to know Tomek Habdas, mountains-lover who created a platform W Szczytowej Formie where he shares his passion with others. After 3 years, this passion has become his job. Tomek will share some insights on how to use the skills and experiences gained in the mountains in business and day to day life.

Adam Bartkiewicz, Marketing and Communications Specialist at Spark & Mortar, Brain Society Product Owner. Medical University of Łódź graduate. In love with brain science, marketing and business. Bringing med science into health/wellbeing startup reality.

(5:00 - 8:00 pm)
companies presenting products, solutions, technologies.


with experienced entrepreneurs, investors, and service professionals. Individuals may book a 30-minute, one-on-one session with one or more of our experts.

New Year, new career? Join us for office hours with special guest: Konrad Koniarski, Android Developer and GGC mentor to talk about going into IT or building an international career. 3 slots available - please book here

AcceliCITY is a global Smart City startup competition with more than 400 applicants from 40 countries seeking to improve the quality of life in cities around the world. The program is an opportunity for participants to utilize Leading Cities' global network of mentors and leaders in the fields of business, education and municipal government. If you want to find new opportunities for your startup or you want to help make our cities smarter, come talk with us! 2 slots available - please book here

  • Business Office Hours by Jolanta Piątkowska, Growth Advisors (6.00-7.00 pm)

In order to harness the transformative potential of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, business leaders need to formulate a comprehensive human capital strategy ready to meet the challenges of this new era of accelerating change and innovation. Are you ready to create a work environment filled with energy, creativity and diversity? Let's meet and share some thoughts. 2 slots available - please book here

  • Market Opportunities Office Hours by MOST (6.30-7.30 pm) 

Alert is a catalyst for opportunities and growth options available for technology companies. Let’s meet for a 20-minute conversation to find opportunities for your business. Goal: to identify the best market opportunities. 2 slots available - please book here

Communication is key to educate about your project or initiative. If you have a company and think about its PR Anita will give you easy to implement and effective tips on how to do it faster, better and in more creative war. 2 slots available - please book here


a program designed to introduce to key topics for local innovation community or principles to help build, launch, and scale successful businesses.

  • 3D printing in modern medicine by CadXperts (6.00-6.30 pm), language: English

3D printed anatomical models help doctors and surgeons prepare for operations. Today we can produce models highly precision and customized for patients, which are printed from tomography and magnetic resonance imaging. It is a game-changer in modern medicine because 3D printed anatomical models are much easier to produce, much more realistic and cheaper than ever. Please sign up here

  • How to hack your body with movement? Akademia w Gruncie Ruchu (7.00-8.00 pm), language: Polish

Do you have pains and aches? Fears, traumas, casual problems?
Did you know that by incorporating more movement into your daily life you can feel more present? We live through our bodies - improve your body and your life will improve as well. Simple math.
Visit us and learn more about Movement & Stillness Practice and how to implement it into your daily life. Please sign up here

  • Wildfires in Australia (7.00-8.00 pm), language: English

Take part in the online meeting with Zaraz Crichton and Nathan Plummer from Venture Cafe Sydney Team to find out how we can support Australia.

  • Series of meetings: Opportunity Alert powered by MOST Foundation (7.30-8.00 pm), language: Polish

Topic: Grants for women entrepreneurs. Meet with Katarzyna Klimek, COO MOST Foundation. Please sign up here

* TBA = To be announced (7 days before the event on the website)

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The event is happening at

HubHub Nowogrodzka
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