Nominations for Startup Guide Warsaw Open Now

June 20, 2021

Startup Guide is releasing an entrepreneurial guidebook about Poland’s capital and
largest city, Warsaw, and nominations for inclusion are open now.

Startup Guide Warsaw will be packed with information about the city’s startup scene, including
essential tips about starting a business here, founder interviews and exclusive insights from key
players. Locals and the wider business community are encouraged to nominate startups,
founders, programs, coworking spaces, universities and investors for inclusion through the
online form, which closes on June 28, 2021.

Warsaw has a rich history and is Central Europe’s leading economic hub. In recent years, it’s
developed a strong startup ecosystem and tech scene, which continues to grow with the
support of international tech companies and enthusiastic local programs.

Sissel Hansen, Startup Guide’s founder and CEO says, “We’re thrilled to expand our series of
entrepreneurial guidebooks to Warsaw, which has a thriving startup ecosystem and impressive
tech scene.”

Startup Guide Warsaw will be created in partnership with Venture Café Warsaw and it is
supported by Google for Startups, Santander Bank Polska, InnoEnergy and the City of Warsaw.

Aureliusz Górski, co-founder of CIC Poland and founding executive director at Venture Café
Warsaw, says “As Venture Café Warsaw Foundation we lead by sharing tools and resources
openly and by creating a platform with solutions that align and amplify the efforts of our
community partners. Starting from July 2020, we’ve been focused on empowering the
innovation ecosystem in Warsaw. This was the first step to create an organic innovation district
and fully inclusive platform for collaboration. This year we are launching the Innovation Visitors
Bureau in Warsaw as a part of the Innovation District. Rightfully so, Startup Guide is our dream
partner – a very experienced external expert, specialized in searching and publishing unbiased
information about the startup ecosystem in the city. Startup Guide Warsaw will be available in
key places uniting entrepreneurs, investors, startups and innovators around the world. We
believe that it will surge the entrepreneurial movement in Warsaw.”

Michał Kramarz, head of Google for Startups, Central Europe, says “Warsaw mixes cultures and
experiences, ambition and creativity. When we saw the site of the former vodka factory in the
historic Praga district, we knew it’s the perfect location for our Google for Startups Campus. And
since then, we have witnessed the city transforming at a rapid pace, attracting investors and
talent from across the world, filling the corridors of Warsaw’s many universities and skyscrapers
springing up here. If you are looking for the most dynamic and exciting city to grow startups in
Europe, Warsaw is the place to be and Startup Guide Warsaw will help you navigate the
community here.”

The book will be released in February 2022.

Startup Guide was founded in 2014, when founder and CEO Sissel Hansen moved from
Copenhagen to Berlin to start a business and discovered that it was difficult to find useful
information about the process. After being rejected by multiple investors, she bootstrapped the
project and launched Startup Guide Berlin in 2014 – it sold out in less than 48 hours and is now
on its fourth volume. In the years since, it has created guides to more than 40 cities and regions
across Europe, Africa, North America, Asia and the Middle East. In autumn 2018, the company
launched a media website, startupguide.com, to explore different types of content and reach a
wider audience. Startup Guide’s offices are in Lisbon and Copenhagen.

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